Dr. Douglas Clayton is the SVP, HC Leadership Americas & Leadership Development at SES, the world’s leading provider of satellite services. He is also a documentary filmmaker. Upon retirement from SES in the Spring of 2021, Doug will pursue his film making passion by running FilmDoc, LLC. In this role, he will provide coaching to firms who wish to maximize their effectiveness, speak in public on the impact of films in corporate learning, and continue producing inspiring documentaries. His approach to maximize film’s impact is centered on his “Total Recall” evidence-based model. During his diverse 30-year HR career, much of it in global leadership roles, Doug was fortunate to work in every HR function. One of the highlights, however, was producing training videos in the form of parodies of mainstream movies such as James Bond, The Godfather, Star Trek and Mission Impossible. He discovered that employees loved the entertainment value of these films and, therefore, developed greater interest in what are typically dry topics such as job competencies (For Our Staff Only – 007), company values (SES’s Godfather of Values), execution (Star Trek – Getting Things Done), knowledge management (Mission Possible – Knowledge Networking), and cybersecurity (A Day in the Life at SES). Doug loves making documentary films that tell poignant and inspiring stories. Dovere for Camden has won several awards, and has been featured in multiple international film festivals. Another documentary, The Heart of Camden – The Story of Father Michael Doyle, narrated by Emmy award-winning actor Martin Sheen, will be released in October 2020. A native of New Jersey, Doug earned his doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania (proPennCLO executive program) and is an alumnus of the Wharton Business School. His doctoral dissertation topic, Total Recall: Using Film to Enhance Learning, involved a global experiment that resulted in empirical evidence that using film in a company learning setting can enhance learning. Doug also earned an M.S. in Human Resources Development from Villanova University. Doug conducts ongoing research, has been published, and is a speaker on the topic of film and learning as well as Human Resources leadership.
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Teaching Film & Learning @ UPenn Doctoral Program
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Testimonial - Presentation at the Conference Board 2019
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“Movie time at the COLOURS+ office with our good friend Dr. Douglas Clayton a.k.a. The Film Doc. Great how he shares his knowledge and experience in producing and directing different corporate movies and award winning documentaries. Great to have him as a mentor for our team!” Rolan Driesen, Owner/Partner at Colours+
A one-hour interactive presentation using fun film clips and providing evidence on how film enhances learning and inspires an audience.  Conducted for The Conference Board in New York City in March of 2019.
A three-hour highly interactive class for the University of Pennsylvania's doctoral program providing evidence and using film clips to show how film enhances and inspires learning.
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